When local news dies, accountability dies with it. Together we're launching a not for profit news experiment, Greenlight.

Our goal is to provide coverage of the stories that matter most to your community, without all the noise.

We've done that by eliminating the things that get in the way like advertising, clickbait, and hidden agendas. Now your community is at the center of the news discovery, gathering, and promotion process.

We won't get everything right, but above all we'll always work to make the news more local, democratic, and free.

Your Neighborhood Newsroom.

Welcome to Greenlight, a community news project that puts you at the center of the newsroom.

In collaboration with:

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Our Process


Find out the most relevant Greenlights in your community. Use filters and sort them. 

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Information Gathering

Manage your Greenlights privacy. Find photos, documents, articles and more, related to them.

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Share the top relevant Greenlight, showits behavior and redirect to the main page. 

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“We want to take the principles that make democracy and the rule of law work and apply those to the fourth estate. A democratic news experience for our communities, combining free expression with rules based journalism.”

Coming Soon To Your City.

We’re launching Greenlight in select states first before a broader national launch in late 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Greenlight?

A moderated journalism led community page where you can know more about what you are really interested in your community. 

How are you funded?

It works with pledges, each pledge is 1 USD. You can subscribe and pledge to a Greenlight. This way a journalist will be assigned to the topic and investigate deeper. 

When will you be available in my town?

We are launching Greenlight in select states first before a broader international launch in late 2023. We are now in South Carolina, and soon we will be in District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland. 

How do stories get selected?

If the Greenlight has been pledge enough in the platform, a journalist will be assigned to investigate deeper. 

How do greenlights get promoted?

They are suggested on the main page to be pledge. The most pledged Greenlights during the week will be show on the top relevant.

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